Discover the characters of Myth and Troth - their quirks, personality and what makes them tick.

The Characters

Whether it be a talking gerbil or feisty faery warriors, changling elves or syreni, the characters in Todosey's Myth and Troth series are colourfully diverse.


Naphtali Jacobson

Meaning: 'My Struggle'
AKA: Tali
Born with a congenital heart defect, Tali grew up with an excessive amount of 'do's and don'ts' that any protective parent would consider necessary to keep their fragile daughter alive.  Unable to participate in many of the physical activities a healthy young girl would participate in, she grew up with many insecurities.  Not that you'd ever know.  Her sturbbon, geeky and rebellious front was her way of compensating, which only put her at odds with many of her classmates, but who needs to fit in when you have an equally geeky friend Justin.  Best friends since kindergarten, their love for sci-fi movies, skateboard parks and any excuse for an adventure made them inseparable.  That is until Emily Shen moved to town and everything changed.
Siblings: Rylan

Tali Jacobson - Myth, Chapter Two 'A Hundred Years Pass' pg. 13

"Naphtali Jacobson!" The sharp voice of my Mom startled me, as she now stood in the doorway of my room looking frazzled.  I could tell she was angry because she called me by my full name.  My mom was the only one who ever used my full name, even though I perpetually told her that I preferred just Tali.  Whatever gave my parents reason to torture me with an awkward old name was not nearly as disturbing as the meaning of the name itself.  It means, 'my struggle, according to which was a bit of a buzzkill considering there were plenty of more popular names they could have chosen, with meanings such as smart or beautiful or I would have even settled for a name that meant loved one.
"What on earth is taking you so long?" she continued with her hands now on her hips.
Apparently, I fulfilled my name regularly.



Meaning:  'To look forward or foresee'
Family: Daughter of the Chief of Saltus Cory Phaeous and Chieftess Phaedra Moon, younger sibling to Willow Moon
Prophesied from an early age to have a fate tightly entangled with the Myth, Prospexi a feisty, talented faery warrior has a headstrong will to fulfill her destiny with justice and bravery.  Remaining steadfast in her discipline and arduous training to ensure her readiness when the Myth arrives she is ready, or so she believes.  Top of her class in flight maneuvers, speed, agility and sword training, her capacity on the battle field is unquestionably exemplary, rivalling most of the seasoned warriors.  Mentally however, she struggles with the hope and faith that the Myth will ever show up.  Always on the lookout for signs of the mysterious Myth’s arrival, her faith and patience slowly wane with each passing sun, and doubts that the Myth will ever arrive become a festering agitation.  Like a mare chomping at the bit to fulfill her purpose that never gets off the ground.  When word arrives that some of the ancient prophesies are already being fulfilled in other parts of Evoluii as she is expected to wait in Saltus with her father until the right moment presents itself, she becomes downright miserable.  Will her fathers protective efforts to hold her back until he senses the time is right, be the very thing that prevents her from fulfilling her destiny altogether?  Or is it all part of her predestined journey foretold by the ancient scribes?

Prospexi - Myth, Chapter Five 'Green of Evoluii' pg. 48

“Friend or foe?” she asked.Long yellow feathers were braided up with silver grass that spilled over her graceful petite body, which was in total about the size of my hand.  Her misty eyes stared at me and her upturned nose seemed poised for a reply, as she hovered like a hummingbird in flight.  An acorn flask was slung over one of her shoulders and a thorn was sheathed around her waist like a dagger.  It was her skin though that fascinated me, as it wasn’t at all like the skin of a human.  Instead, she was covered in the tiniest of scales, like the scales of a butterfly wing.  The tones and colours shifted with the light of the small lantern she now held up close to my face.  A few fireflies flit about within the confines of the lamp, as she waited for my answer.“Friend?” I replied.


Yerik Guzalik

Meaning: 'Appointed by God'
AKA: Yeri
Who knew gerbils could talk?  And if they could wouldn't it be surprising to find one with a thick Ukranian accent?  Stubborn to leave his home yet compassionate enough to want to help, Yeri is the perfect and needed missing piece when it comes to helping Tali, Justin and Emily find their way.  Little does he realize that by helping them, he too would find a restoration of joy and family he had long ago forgotten.

Yerik Guzalik - Myth, Chapter Six 'The Craving Tree' pg. 52

"Excuse me!" A voice statled me and I jerked up into a sitting position.  My hand blocked the bright morning sun as I looked around, squinting and trying to see who owned the voice.
"Hello?" I replied, not seeing anyone.
"Yes, yes, could you move little to left, you blockink side door," said the strange voice.
"I looked down at the ground to the right of me and found a short sandy coloured rodent with tiny ears, particularly large feet and long whiskers that twitched as he sniffed.  He stood there on his hind legs, his hands fidgeting near his furry white underside, waiting for me to move.
It seemed surreal that an animal would have spoken, but then I remembered Prospexi from the night before and I wondered whether I had somehow stumbled upon some weird alternate universe where myth mingled with reality.
"I no mean to startle you, but I have all taste bud I need, and I must get to side door," he continued.
IO shifted a bit to one side, and noticed that I had been alying on a small hole in the ground, quite close to the tree.
"Sorry," I said. And not wanting to lose the company, I asked, "You're a gerbil aren't you?"
"Yes, yes my name is Yerik Guzalik, but my friedns all call me Yeri."
"Wow, I have a couple of gerbils back home, but..." Suddenly the thought of admitting I kept them in a cage might not be the best thing to tell a talking gerbil, I continued instead, "but the gerbils I have don't talk."
"Maybe dey don't have much to say, no?" replied Yeri.


Justin Littner

Meaning:  'Just and Fair'
Losing his father at the young age of twelve, Justin grew up without a father figure and struggled with his own masculinity.  Being one of the smallest boys in class didn't help as he became the target for bullies who used his weakness as an opportunity to stroke their own ego.  One could argue it was his weakness that eventually made him strong.  Or perhaps it was the combination of the many struggles he faced and his will to overcome them. Regardless he grew in more ways then one in a very short period of time.
Siblings: None

Justin Littner - Myth, Chapter Four 'And So It Begins' pg 39

"Help! My brain is being sucked out."  Emily and I both shone our phone light on Justin, who had put on a funny looking helmet with springs that exited each earflap and curled upwards to make a point at the top of his head.
"AHHHHH" he started shaking with convulsions, which caused a clear visor to slip down over his face and made us all laugh.
"What do you think they are going to do with all this stuff?" giggled Emily.
"The government will probably confiscate it, once word gets out this place is filled with alien artifacts," said Justin now diving into the rubble for more treasure.


Emily Shen

Meaning:  'To Strive, Excel or Rival'
Family: Daughter to Dr. Walter and mother Ling Shen and younger sibling to Abigail.
Growing up in the shadow of her highly gifted and intelligent sister Abigail, Emily realized early on the need to self-discipline was paramount if she hoped to come close to achieving similar grades.  Who was she kidding?  She'd never be in the same league as her sister, having watched her win two national spelling bees, skip three grades and complete a world tour playing violin by the time she was seventeen.  If Emily had any hopes of getting into an equally respectable university that her parents deemed worthy of attending, she had to do whatever it took to keep her grades high, even if it meant long hours of homework and brown-nosing with the teachers.  If it were up to Emily though, I'd bet she'd prefer a school of fashion, but I don't think her own choice ever crossed her mind.
Siblings: Abigail

Emily Shen - Myth, Chapter Three 'One Simple Task' pg. 30

"Well, detentions aside," Tina sighed.  "I was simply trying to let you know that we're planning on having a seance in the attic upstairs to summon up the old mad man.  Thought you and four-eyes might want to join us... that is, if you're not too scared," she smirked.
"I don't think we're allowed to go up there," said Emily with the worst timing ever.
All eyes, including Justin's and mine, shifted to her in disbelief.  It was as though one of own own squad members had just shot themselves in the foot.
"And you are?" sneered Tina.
"Emily Shen," she smiled, holding her hand out, clearly expecting a formal handshake.
All five of them burst out laughing.
"Nice to meet you Emily," Blair stepped in, taking her hand and pulling her towards him flirtatiously. "How 'bout downstairs in the dungeon? Do you think we're ALLOWED to go there?"
Myth - Chapter Three 'One Simple Task' pg. 30