Known Evoluii

Saltus, Montis and Demorer Ari were the strange sounding names of places Tali had seen on a globe inside the mansion.  They didn't sound at all like places on earth. Who would have known she was about to get an up close and viseral look at those places, where myth mingles with reality.  Did you know that most if not all of the names of places in Evoluii mean something?  It's true! Whether it be the stormy skies of Tesqua, the massive verdant trees of Saltus, the marshy shores of Lily Palus or the majestic heights of Montis, most locations are derived from Latin.  In Troth, the sequel to Myth, we learn of some new places on the map.  Places like Piscari Emporio and the petrified forests of the North.
Did you know?...
In ancient times, before the world was fully discovered, they would label an area on the map 'Here there be dragons,' to indicate it was uncharted.

Green of Evoluii

"So..." I finally broke through the awkward silence.
"What is this place?"
"It is Green."
"Green?" I asked.
She nodded and although it seemed a fitting name for the endless grasslands, I had never heard of it.
"It that in North America?" I asked.
"It is Green of Evoluii, which is not in anything," she replied sternly.
"It's simply the celestial body of land that you are sitting on."
–Myth - Chapter Five - Green of Evoluii - pg 49.